Children’s Menu – Sample Menu

All served with a salad garnish and own pot of ketchup.

  • Fish Fingers, Chips & Peas £4.25
  • Sausage, Mash & Peas £3.45
  • Pizza Slice & Chips £4.25

Junior’s Menu


  • Chef’s Homemade Soup of the Day £2.95
  • Cheese on Toast £3.75
  • Prawn Cocktail £4.50

Main Courses

  • Burger Bun & Chips £5.25
    With Onion Rings
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise £7.95
    With a crisp salad
  • Roast of the Day £5.25
    With vegetables of the day
  • Junior Gammon & Pineapple £7.50
    With chips and peas
  • Spicy Beef Chilli £5.95
    With Rice and tortilla chips
  • Kids Mixed Grill £7.95
    Burger, bacon, sausage, pizza, onion rings, chips and peas

Sweet Menu


  • Yummy Fudge Cake £3.95
    Served hot or cold with cream or ice cream
  • Chocolate & Banana Sundae £3.25
    Topped with chocolate Sauce
  • Ice Cream 1 Scoop £1.50
    I scoop of strawberry, vanilla or chocolate
  • Ice Cream 3Scoop £2.95
    3 scoops of your choice from strawberry, vanilla or chocolate
  • Kids Sweet Platter £4.50
    Chocolate Fudge Cake, Ice cream and lots more

All Prices inclusive of V.A.T.

Allergy Advice

Some of our menu items contain nuts seeds and other allergens. There is a small risk that tiny traces of these may be in any other dish or food served here. Please ask a member of staff for advice.