The D & P Lunch Menu 2022

– Subject to Change

Served until 5.00pm


Chef’s Italian Bread, Olives and dips v              £6

To share for 2

Wensleydale Apricot Salad gf                               £7

Crisp leaves with a wensleydale and apricot cheese & crispy bacon with a balsamic dressing

Chef’s Duck & Fig Pate                                            £8

Served with homemade pear and walnut chutney and brioche toast

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms v gf*                          £6.50

Served with a crisp salad & toasted Brioche.

Italian Antipasto                                                       £8.50

Selection of cured meats, olives, gherkins, crisp salad with garlic mayonnaise & a chunk of bread

D & P Pub Selection

D & P Burger                                                              £14

Bun topped with a homemade Beef burger, melted cheese and bacon served with chips, salad, BBQ sauce and onion rings

Chef’s Steak & Ale Pie                                             £15

Served with Chunky Chips and Peas

Scampi                                                                         £14.50

Breaded wholetail scampi served with chunky chips, Peas and homemade tartar sauce

Homemade Veggie Lasagne v                               £14.50

Sweet Potato, Spinach & Chick Pea Lasagne with a crisp salad

Chef’s Chicken Curry                                              £14.50

Served with Onion Bajhee, Nan Bread, mango chutney  & Rice

BBQ Chicken gf*                                                       £14

Breast of chicken in a BBQ sauce & melted cheese with chips or coleslaw and crisp salad


Smoked Salmon & Prawn Oatcake gf*               £14

With a crisp salad and chips

Smoked Cheese & Ham Oatcake                          £13

With a crisp salad and chips

Chicken & Garlic Mushroom Oatcake gf*        £13.50

Traditional Staffordshire oatcake filled with chicken in garlic mushroom sauce served with a crisp salad & chips

Stilton Cheese, Apple & Leek Oatcake v                        £14

Traditional Staffordshire oatcakes are a local speciality of the area and are similar to a pancake. Filled with Leeks and apple in a creamy stilton cheese sauce  served with a crisp salad and chips

*Can be served with out the oatcake so that the dish is gluten free

Snacks & Salads

Ploughman’s Lunch gf*                                         £13

Our version of this popular pub lunch with a selection of 2 cheeses of the day, ham, pickle, salad, pickled onions and rustic bread


gf* Gluten Free on request v Vegetarian

Side Orders

Chips                 £3.00    Onion rings       £2.50

Mush & Pepper Sauce                              £3

Italian Bread, Dips & Olives                    £6      


Ham Salad gf*                                                       £10

Chicken, Bacon, & Mayo gf*                             £10.50

Cheese & Pickle v gf*                                          £9.50

Prawn Marie Rose gf*                                        £11

Served on White Bread (Brown Bread on request) with a salad garnish, Chips & coleslaw


Fresh Fruit Salad gf*                                         £6     

Served with double cream

Homemade Tiramisu                                         £7

Made our way

Cheese & Biscuits                                                £9.50

Selection of 3 cheeses served with fig & liquorice chutney, fruit jelly & savoury biscuits

Chocolate Brownie gf*                                      £7.50 

One of our favourites made with Belgium chocolate and nuts topped with warm chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream

Sticky Toffee Pudding                                        £7.50 

One of our favourites with creamy custard

Chocolate and Banana Sundae gf                    £6

With Ice cream, banana and topped with cream & warm Belgium chocolate sauce

Kids Menu (under12’s)

Burger Bun & Chips                                             £6

With Onion Rings

Spaghetti Neapolitan                                          £6

Topped with a tomato sauce and with a crisp salad

Roast of the Day                                                     £7

With vegetables of the day

Kids Fish Fingers                                                   £6

Served with chips & peas

Kids Chicken Bites                                                 £6

Served with chips & peas

Junior Scampi ‘n’ Chips                                        £8

Served with chips & peas

Kid’s Sandwich and chips                                   £5

Served with chips

Kids Dessert Menu (under12’s)

Yummy Fudge Cake                       £5

Served warm with ice cream

Ice Cream 3 Scoop                        £3.50

3 scoops – strawberry, vanilla & chocolate

Kids Sweet Platter                          £.6

Chocolate Fudge Cake, Ice cream and lots more

Allergen Advice

We have detailed allergen charts for all our dishes on our menus located behind the bar and available in the Restaurant. . Please ask a member if you require to see them or for advice if you are unsure.


gf* Gluten Free on request v Vegetarian 04/2021

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